evil glimmer

I have been thinking about a name for my cyber space for quite a while. I wanted a name that would reference something I’m into but also have a hint of mystique to it.

I have been extremely fascinated by Anita Pallenberg since I started getting more into the Stones, which was in my mid-teens (I’m in my mid-thirties now…). I found it interesting that she was obviously such a huge inspiration and muse to the holy 3 (Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Brian Jones) and that really a lot of the Stones’ “black cat” charm against the Beatles “white cat”, was due to her and all the mysterious, haunting, interesting, intelligent and stylish qualities she brought to the table. It was Marianne Faithful that described Anita’s style as EVIL GLAMOUR, which I think sounds devilishly decadent. Much like the Stones themselves, post-Anita that is! I mean Keith Richards is my hero but let’s be honest, before Anita came into the picture he was a bit of a wing-nut! Credit should go where credit is due and without Anita, the Stones would have a whole other aura about them, that’s for sure. There will be much more Anita Pallenberg on this blog as she is one of my key inspirations.

One of my other key inspirations are the Rolling Stones. Like I mentioned, Keith Richards is my hero, I grew up listening to them and they are a big part of my life. What can I say, they are the sound of my soul! More on them later too…

Now in the brain racking process of naming my cyber space I thought about the Stones – I really wanted it to be a reference to them. And to me, as Anita Pallenberg was such an inspiration to them, I wanted to salute her and reference her too. Not just because of nothing, she is a woman in the man’s world that is rock n roll. I am a woman too, and I know many women who are to thank for rock n roll music. It’s important to remember that. Without them there would be no inspiration, and creating the reason for a song is just as important as picking up the guitar to play it. Without Anita there would be no Gimme Shelter, no Wild Horses, no You Got the Silver and the list goes on!

SO. I was thinking of Stones titles and references and stuff I’d heard about Anita. I’d had the EVIL GLAMOUR stuck in my head for some reason – I just thought it is quite a unique style to Anita, not one that many have managed to pull off! I liked the EVIL bit in particular, as again, the Stones where always the dark to the Beatles light. Just a bit more dangerous! And I must confess that to me, the dark and the dangerous…. alluring and oh so appealing!

So I was trying to find a Stones reference to match up with EVIL. And then it came as I was re-reading Life by Keith Richards: his and Mick’s name for themselves: the GLIMMER TWINS! So there I had it: EVIL GLIMMER. That’s the story! X


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